About Vinyflex Vinyflex

The activities of Iran Kafpoosh Company started on the 27th of July 1968 as the first flooring manufacturer in Iran in cooperation with Dunlop, England. Simultaneously with the development of the factory, it was able to gain an effective share in the domestic markets by producing quality products, so that it significantly improved its production capacity in 50 years.

In the 1980s, Iran Kafpoosh Company played a significant role in the development of the country's infrastructure as the largest and only flooring manufacturer by producing more than 5,000,000 square meters of flooring. In 1989, this company succeeded in obtaining a standard certificate from the National Standards Organization of the country. At the beginning of the 90's, in cooperation with Marley Floors, he developed the production of products by removing asbestos and heavy metals and increased the production by about 300% per year.

In the 2000s, with the launch of a new flooring production line, as well as the production of special flooring adhesives and the removal of softening oil (DOP) from the production formulation, it increased the variety and quality of the products and succeeded in obtaining the ISO9001 certificate. In the late 2000's, this company In cooperation with Tarkett Company, as the largest flooring manufacturer in the world, it expanded its activity in the field of supplying specialized flooring, including residential, medical, hospital, operating room, anti-static, sports and laminate parquet.

With the beginning of the 2000's , this company increased its cooperation with the world's major manufacturers and expanded its product portfolio to more than 10 types of goods with more than 60 albums and a variety of colors exceeding 1000 colors and designs.

Simultaneously with the increase and production of new products and cooperation with the world's largest flooring manufacturers such as Tarkett, Grabo, Classen, Desso, Iran Flooring Company as the largest and most diverse company in this field in the country. was introduced Iran Kafpoosh Company has been able to create a competitive environment in this industry, as the first producer of PVC flooring in Iran for residential, office, commercial, hospital, sports and... production and supply of laminate parquet and tile carpets with more than Record 1000 projects (sports, hospital, cultural, etc.) and several large national projects in his portfolio and assume an important role in improving the quality of domestic products. In such a way that this company has been able to produce and supply products on par with the world famous brands.

The company's experienced and capable workforce consists of more than 200 human resources (employees of the Tehran central office, Qazvin Industrial City factory), which include various management, engineering, quality, executive, financial, administrative and sales groups. Also, the wide distribution network of this company's products throughout Iran with more than 50 exclusive representatives and nearly 200 sales agencies are all trying to provide a quality and diverse product with easy access.

Iran Kafpoosh has always tried to grow and develop its work during its more than half a century of activity, so that today it is considered one of the important brands of the flooring industry in the country under the Winiflex brand, and today by producing products based on formulas based on standards International for the removal of harmful environmental substances, pollution reduction and removal of phthalate-based materials produces products with the highest quality and incomparable domestically and on par with foreign quality products.

Commitment to society and the environment is a multifaceted concept in Iran Kafpoosh Company. As a leading production group, we have always paid attention to our social responsibilities in business development. Improving the level of health, safety and environment has always been emphasized by the managers of this company and has been of particular importance in all offices, factories and project implementation sites. Sustainable and environmentally friendly methods have been implemented.

Iran Kafpoosh with a management derived from collective wisdom, teamwork, adherence to social responsibilities is a commitment:

  • Commitment to meet the needs of employees
  • Obligation to not provide harmful products
  • Commitment to providing quality products and after-sales service to customers
  • Commitment to allocating financial resources in the direction of providing general welfare accepted by the majority of the society
  • And commitment to the fundamental principles of humanity and accountability to them

We, like many reputable organizations and companies, are committed to fulfilling our individual and organizational social responsibilities in accordance with the rules and conventional social principles. A review of more than five decades of production activity also shows that this company has always paid attention to respect for various legal, ethical, cultural, political and economic considerations and has tried to expand its circle of beneficiaries in the direction of fulfilling the rational and balanced requests of customers. and representatives, their satisfaction management move.

One of the main charters of Iran Kafpoosh is to investigate and understand the needs and expectations of customers and representatives, as well as reasonable and appropriate responses to these needs.

In order to increase customer satisfaction, the company focuses on their needs, and according to its capabilities and experience, it provides a wide range of services (sending goods in the shortest time, providing warranty and after-sales services) to customers. .

Believing in the importance of satisfaction and satisfaction of different social groups, including representatives, employees, along with customers, a structure has been prepared to measure satisfaction and properly analyze the strengths and areas that can be improved in Iran flooring.

In the last two decades, due to the importance of construction in the field of healthcare and health, Iran Kafpoosh Company, in addition to cooperating with the largest flooring manufacturing companies, Tarkett and Grabo, and employing the most up-to-date flooring manufacturing technologies into the country by producing anti-slip flooring Bacterial, as well as supplying conductive floors for operating rooms and clean rooms for the pharmaceutical industry, has made a significant contribution to this and has implemented hundreds of projects in Mani and Pharmaceuticals as the largest manufacturer and supplier of flooring in this field.